Hy2Travel, Hydrogen vehicle App!!!

Convert your vehicle into a FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) with this free App. While driving your car, you can discover the power delivered by a fuel cell, hydrogen consumption, range and the cost of your trip. You can even refill the tank in a simulated HRS (Hydrogen Refilling Station), to check the time spent, the cost and the hydrogen quantities used.

Hy2Travel acronym of “Hydrogen To Travel”, is a speedometer that emulates the consumption, as well as the energy flow of the fuel cell, the battery and the electric motor of a hydrogen-fueled passenger car. It is calculated using as an input the real values taken from your vehicle, by using the GPS services of location and tracking to register your speed and acceleration. Hy2Travel can simulate, in real time, the behavior of a hydrogen vehicle.

Use Hy2Travel to compare the consumption and emission, the cost of the trip and other values had you used a hydrogen vehicle.

A virtual HRS (Hydrogen Refuelling Station) is included in the App showing the time required and the cost when you decide to refill the tank of hydrogen.

Hy2Travel could be used with HUD (Head-Up Display) accessories to augmented reality on the windshield.


Download the Android version at Google Play and start living the hydrogen mobility.